What It’s Really Like to Work in Commercial Real Estate

Jenna Stoeltje, San Antonio

What kind of degree do I need? Should I go to grad school?  What will my job title be? Will I have to move?

You may have many similar questions as you explore a career in commercial real estate. In CREW Network’s Scholar Profile series, meet recent college graduates who have navigated these questions, launched their careers, and learned valuable lessons along the way.

The women profiled in the series hail from all over the U.S. and Canada. These professionals include Auja Little, a portfolio manager in Washington, D.C.; Jenna Stoeltje, a development associate in San Antonio, Texas; Cornelia Le, a valuation analyst in Toronto; and Brittany Smoll, a senior valuation associate in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Read all of the profiles at crewnetwork.org.

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