Engineers, Problem Solvers

Engineers are problem solvers.  They are presented with a challenge and design the best solution that not only meets their client’s needs in the short-term, but address long-term challenges that might not be readily apparent to the untrained eye.  With infrastructure, engineers are increasingly being asked to design roads, bridges and water systems that take into account the long-term effects of a changing climate.  They are being asked to design for resiliency.  Governments at all levels are acting to invest in infrastructure that will stand the test of time and changing weather patterns.  Increasingly extreme weather is forcing planners to change the way they approach economic development, housing and transportation.  The engineer stands at the center of these discussions, serving as a neutral trusted advisor ready to meet today’s design challenges with tools, techniques and technologies that will adapt to climate change.

Learn how engineers are leading the discussion on resiliency in design here.

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Engineers, Trusted Advisors
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