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Think about it. You live in a house or an apartment. You shop at malls, buy food in supermarkets, and have your teeth cleaned in a professional building. You work in an office building. You stay in hotels or at a resort. You eat in restaurants, attend the theater, have season tickets to a sporting event, work out in the gym, belong to a tennis club.

Real estate is a huge part of your life. Are you ready to shape the communities of the world?

The 203,000 construction job openings in April 2017 represents an eight-fold increase from the same month in 2009. The biggest shortage is in concrete workers, millwork, masonry, electrical and plumbing round out the top five skilled jobs contractors are struggling to hire.

“The commercial real estate industry is not bound by borders or socio-economic strata—but transcends as an industry that touches literally every person’s life in some capacity. Be creative with your courses and your thoughts on where you want to take your career—the possibilities are endless.” Julie Markham, VP of Operations and Finance

Diverse teams are more innovative, creative, collaborative, strategic and profitable. Diversity is a growth imperative and a business advantage—and it ultimately strengthens the industry. That’s why we need more women, minorities, LGBTQ and generations represented in commercial real estate. Watch the video 

“The biggest hurdle for our industry is getting the word out about careers in commercial real estate. Once these young professionals join our companies, it’s our responsibility to help them grow so that their first jobs can turn into fulfilling, lifelong careers.” – Mason Brodie, Property Manager, Stream Realty Partners; Chair, BOMA International Emerging Professionals Committee