Building the People Who Build America

Advance your career in the exciting world of construction and development. Opportunities in the construction and development industry are limitless. The construction industry is open and inclusive to all Americans from all walks of life.

Job openings set record
The construction industry set a new record with 382,000 job openings in construction at the end of December.
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Video: Why are millennials not going into construction?
Michael Bellaman, Associated Builders and Contractors CEO, explains the workforce shortage and ABC’s efforts to get more millennials interested in jobs in sectors such as construction.
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Ready to Join the Construction Industry? Begin Your Journey
Looking for job opportunities in construction? Need help with your resume? Interested in sharing your skills and expertise? The AGC Career Center can help.
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Find your future in construction!
Paths to education through scholarships, awards, and faculty internships are available!
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Who is the Construction Manager?
The CM may be a member of the owner's team, a consultant from a professional services firm, or a member of the general contractor's team.
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Opportunities are Everywhere: Take the Next Step
ABC's affiliated construction management schools are a dynamic network of universities and colleges offering post-secondary degrees that prepare students for success in construction project management.
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Construction is a great career path with limitless possibilities! A four-year degree is not required to become a craft professional and advance professionally in the field. Through apprenticeship, work-based learning and continuing education programs, construction workers can earn while they learn and continually hone their skills. But students who want a college experience also will find plentiful jobs in construction as the industry continues to thrive.

Today’s young people who choose to enter construction professions will not only be constructing bridges better designed to weather natural disasters, building energy-efficient manufacturing facilities and renovating historical buildings, but also contributing to a safer, stronger and more secure America.



Developers can be individuals, small partnerships, or large companies. Some operate in a single market, such as Houston or Atlanta, while others focus on a larger region, such as the northeastern United States, or even on the entire country. A few U.S. developers operate globally. Some developers maintain a small staff and outsource many development functions, while others employ a large number of professionals and perform most development functions in-house. Developers engage in either for-sale residential development or commercial development, which includes income-producing rental apartments.


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