What do Construction Managers Do?

Learn about what construction managers (CM) do, and how you can pursue construction management as a career choice.

As a student, when we think about construction, we know there are multiple parties involved: the architects/engineers who design it, and the contractors who build it. But who pulls it all together, working with all teams to ensure project success? It’s the Construction Manager (or Project Manager), a construction consultant skilled in leading teams, with expertise to include managing budgets, schedules, safety, risk, and quality control efforts.

Airports, highways, schools, bridges, hospitals, top secret government facilities, sports arenas: these projects are being built all over the world, all the time. And the demand for qualified professional Construction Managers is growing quickly, as construction projects become more complex and needs become more pressing.

Professional Construction Managers play a vital role in helping the community and our nation meet future needs for critical infrastructure of all types. They lead diverse teams of professionals and see the results of team efforts in the form of structures that will stand and perform for many years or decades to come.

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