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BOMI International

...offers professional development courses and credential programs for personnel with property, facility, or systems responsibilities. Our courses set the standard for property and facility management education by providing students with tools to successfully navigate our evolving industry. Each of BOMI International credential’s are recognized on a national and international level as marks of distinction and excellence throughout the industry.

It’s All About Rent
Rent is one of the key indicators of the property's value. Many elements come into play when analyzing a market to determine the amount of rent to charge. Here's what you need to know in order to maximize your profit.
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Energy Management
The migration of energy management from the margins of the commercial buildings sector to the mainstream has produced even greater reductions in energy intensity. Learn more about the energy saving programs, technologies, and practices.
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Elevator Security and Safety
All property management personnel share responsibility for the security and safety of the people in their building. Although a security system should begin at the entrance to the building, elevators must also be considered in a complete building security scheme.
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Remedies for Noncompliance with Lease Terms
Landlords have a variety of remedies available to them for a tenant's noncompliance with the terms of the lease. Although fewer in number, effective remedies are also available to tenants for the landlord's breach of the lease provisions.
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5 Ways Having a BOMI-HP on Staff Can Save You $$$
Growing occupant demand, investor pressures, and building code requirements have led to a new standard in high-performance building, driving many markets to mandate comprehensive sustainability and energy-efficiency programs.
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Increase your building know-how. Check out our blog, dedicated to thought leadership and best practices for the industry of property and facility management.
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BOMI International was founded in 1970 as a nonprofit, independent educational institute to fulfill the need for a higher level of training and expertise in the property and facility management profession. Over the years, we have become the trusted source for education in the property and facility industries. Currently, many employers require our credentials for new employees and, in many cases, make it mandatory for job promotions.

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