Nathalia Marcano’s Journey in the Field of Construction Management

My journey in the field of construction management began at Montgomery College in Maryland, where I made the decision to pursue this career path out of curiosity for the program and looking for promising career opportunities. With no prior experience in the industry, I was eager to broaden my horizons and gain more exposure. That’s when I became a member of the Student Construction Association and, as an officer, I was able to connect with ABC through its student chapter.

This decision proved to be transformative. It opened numerous doors for me, including the prestigious ABC Virginia and ABC Metro Washington Scholarships, which I was fortunate to receive in 2022 and 2023.

I realized that I needed to get more involved in construction before earning my degree, and to understand what the day to day was like. I applied to multiple companies, until I was hired by a flooring subcontractor in Silver Spring, Maryland, in 2022. I left my position as personal banker at a bank and took the risk of starting in a new field. I soon began to recognize the immense growth potential in construction. I started as a project coordinator and learned how to communicate with general contractors, process all the data, purchase orders and everything else necessary on the administrative side to deliver projects. To this date, I consider that career move to be the best risk I have taken.

Just six months later, I embarked on a new journey, this time with Henley Construction, transitioning from subcontractor work to joining a general contractor. Now, I have been with them for over a year as a field engineer, working on public schools in Montgomery and Fairfax counties. I assist the project manager and superintendent with all documentation throughout the project, and communicate with the owner, design team and subcontractors by doing such things as staying on site for supervision and coordination. I consider myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to wear different hats at Henley, which has allowed me to learn and grow immensely. This transition marked not only my evolution from being a student to a working professional in the industry, but also the beginning of my service on the Workforce Development Committee of ABC Metro Washington.

The past two years have been a testament to growth and engagement for me, as I’ve built valuable connections and dedicated my efforts to assisting students who are treading a similar path toward connecting with the workforce. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities that have come my way, especially for the unwavering support and sense of belonging that ABC Metro Washington has provided. It truly feels like being part of a larger family, and I am excited to continue my journey in the industry with their guidance and support.

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