Career Spotlight: Rob Rojas

Real Estate Developer, Atlanta, GA

My introduction into the real estate industry was through a passionate college professor, helping me to get an internship in residential property management, more specifically apartment communities. Residential property management seemed like an intriguing career path, due to the fact that you are managing people and facilities, while providing a basic need that every human must have. After a few weeks of being on site, and interacting with community managers, and corporate employees for the company I was interning with, I realized that the development side of the industry was more fitting for my personality and my interests. I have been working in development for the past 6 years, and thoroughly enjoy my job. Collaborating with all the various aspects of the business (architecture, engineering, municipal governments, and general contractors) in order to bring a development to life, along with solving problems daily is what I enjoy most about the development industry.”

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