15 Tips for First-Time Facility Managers

New to FM? Every facility manager has been there. The good news is that you are never alone.

IFMA recently asked their LinkedIn page, "What are your tips for first-time facility managers?" They poured through over 200+ comments to curate the best tips and tricks for those starting out in the built environment.

Have an open mind & never stop learning 

1. “This is how I’ve always done it.” Lose that mentality. Be open to new approaches and new strategies. Listen to everyone, no matter what their background and experience is. 

—Jonathan Gendron, CFM • Senior Manager of GxP Facilities/Engineering 

2. Have an open, teachable mind. What worked in one facility may not work in another. Take time to learn and analyze the culture, processes and people so as to make a long-term plan and you will be good. Also, have fun while at it with your team. 

—Muchiri Nkari • Facilities Supervisor at Janus Continental Group 

3. Facility management is an ever-evolving process. Every day is different, and procedures grow and change to match daily demands. Stay up-to-date with facilities management best practices. Be prepared to learn every day. Most importantly, consult with your counterparts and IFMA team as experience will not be found in a book. 

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