2023 ASLA Student Awards

General Design Category

Award of Excellence

Reviving Yanomami Rights: Plant Matrix for Mercury Management

Alto Alegre, Amajari, Roraima, Brazil Yuxin Jiang; Wei Gui, Student International ASLA; Zhengfei Yan, Student International ASLA; Yingjie Hu, Student International ASLA; Yunshan Wan, Student International ASLA; Shiqian Yang; Faculty Advisors: Cundong Li; Shanghai Jiaotong University Sichuan University Southeast University China Architecture Design & Research

The illegal ASGM in Brazil has brought disasters to local indigenous people, including a series of problems dominated by mercury pollution in the ASGM process.

Based on this, we propose an ecological strategy with mercury recovery as the main line.

We determine the ecological process of mercury in the study area, so as to determine a complete strategy of mercury interception, mercury absorption, mercury collection, and mercury recovery. This is complemented by several strategies of land restoration, forest restoration, and indigenous economic revival.

Through external interventions, the injured lands will be restored to their former vitality. In the future, the indigenous people will be able to develop healthily on the land.

Honor Awards

A Self-Help Plan Based on Productive Green Space Systems

Cerro de Pasco, Pasco, Peru Yu Wang, Student International ASLA; Jiayan Zhou, Student International ASLA; Yuhan Liu, Student International ASLA; Xinyu Li, Associate ASLA; Xinyi Bao, Student International ASLA; Faculty Advisors: Min Wang; Huazhong Agricultural University

Re(de)fining Decomposition

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States Joyce Fong, Student ASLA; Faculty Advisors: Leena Cho; University of Virginia

The Oasis of Baer's Pochard: Humanity in Harmony with Wetlands

Wuhan, Hubei, China Yaqi Liu, Student International ASLA; Zijing Wan; Ruoshui Wang; Xiangyi Wang, Student International ASLA; Faculty Advisors: Yan Zhou; Shiyi Guo; Wuhan University / Huazhong Agricultural University

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