ASID Student Members

ASID Student Members learn, grow, and build a network as they embark on their interior design careers.

Student members include those pursuing associates, bachelors, or masters degrees in interior design.


Appellation: Your Name, ASID Student

Student Members are individuals actively enrolled as a student in a post-secondary program of interior design education being presented at any higher education institution including a university, college, or accredited school of interior design. The interior design program must require completion of 40 semester/60 quarter hours of interior design education from an institution accredited by the appropriate regional or national institutional accrediting body.

Enrolled students may maintain student membership for a maximum of six years. After six years have passed, the membership will not be renewed but the student may appeal the decision in writing by providing proof of current enrollment in a program eligible for student membership.

Qualifying Documentation:

Expected graduation date.

Student Member Rights & Responsibilities

  • Voting: All Individual members in good standing shall be entitled to one vote in any Society or chapter election or at any Society or chapter membership meeting.
  • Member Mark: Members in good standing are permitted to use the ASID Member mark for their membership category.
  • Code of Ethics: Upon approval or renewal of membership, members will confirm that they have read, support, and will adhere to the Code of Ethics.


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