Building the Future with Tyhler Gallardo

In a rapidly evolving world, careers take unexpected turns, leading individuals to find their true calling and make a lasting impact. Tyhler, a University of Wisconsin Stout graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Real Estate Property Management, knows this journey all too well. Her story is one of discovery, adaptation, and success within the dynamic world of property management. Today, Tyhler shares her experiences with junior and senior students at UW Stout, helping them understand the complexities of a field that's often misunderstood.

Tyhler's academic journey began with aspirations of becoming a teacher, but one semester into her education program, she realized teaching wasn't for her. Fate intervened when she crossed paths with Fred Prassas, CPM®, program director of the real estate property management program at UW Stout. Curious about all things real estate-related, Tyhler took some courses and found herself interested enough to learn more.

Internships: A launchpad to success

Tyhler's journey to a successful career wasn't only paved by academic coursework. Her internships played a pivotal role, allowing her to gain practical experience in residential housing. Her stints at Wiedner and Oaks Properties equipped her with invaluable insights into the industry, setting her up for success even before her graduation in December 2018.

Seizing opportunities and making strides

One day, Tyhler attended an Advancing Leaders of Minnesota (ALM) event, where she expressed her desire to venture into commercial real estate to another guest. Little did she know this interaction would lead to a job offer that kick-started her career managing office space in downtown Minneapolis, at Butler Square with McGough Facility Management. Over the course of 3.5 years, Tyhler honed her skills and insights, while at the same time being mentored by then-IREM  Minnesota Chapter President Angela Samargia. Today, she's with Ryan Companies US, Inc., where she manages a diverse range of properties including office, medical, and retail spaces. Her success was celebrated by her recognition as an IREM 30 under 30 property manager in 2022.

A day in the life of a property manager

Tyhler's daily routine involves a mix of responsibilities aimed at ensuring the smooth functioning of the properties under her care. She produces accounting reports for building owners, manages invoices, monitors rental accounts receivable, oversees construction projects, and ensures tenant satisfaction. Her role involves a delicate balance of strategic planning and hands-on management.

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