Career Spotlight: Blake Littlefield

Senior Property Manager for Greystar Real Estate Partners

Blake Littlefield’s heart has always been in Georgia, until he moved to the Big Apple! Born in Waycross, a railroad hub in the southern part of the state, Littlefield has fond memories of his father rising early before the sun came up to go to work. “My father taught me my work ethic,” explains Littlefield, gazing out of his office window perched high above 34th Street across from Macy’s Herald Square in midtown Manhattan. His father works as CEO of Littlefield Construction Company, a general contractor for highway construction started by Blake’s grandfather in 1955.

Not only does Littlefield share his father’s work ethic, he also shares his alma mater, the University of Georgia. Blake graduated in 2013 with a degree in Consumer Economics and Housing with residential property management emphasis. “I knew that my personality lent itself to people relationships and operational management,” states Littlefield. “Property management was an easy fit for me.” Littlefield currently works as a Senior Property Manager for Greystar Real Estate Partners and oversees various aspects of a multi-million-dollar re-development of a mixed-use building in Manhattan. Before joining Greystar, he worked for CBRE as Assistant Manager of 1.6 million square feet of commercial office space in the Financial District of Manhattan. Littlefield obtained his Master of Science in Real Estate from Georgia State University and began his career in property management in Atlanta at Post Properties, where his ambition granted him quick promotion to Property Manager.

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