Crystal Lye

Portfolio Management Analyst, CBRE Investment Management

I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a real estate degree in 2018 and am amazed at how things have unfolded since. With three internships and two years of experience in a leasing role under my belt, I’ve now landed a challenging, role at CBRE Investment Management in New York City as a portfolio analyst - an outcome that CREW played a truly integral part in. CBRE’s valuable partnership with CREW gave me and other incredible young women a unique opportunity to pursue a career with the company in a North American city of our choice. This opened up a door for me that otherwise might not have existed - relocating to a new city and new market for a new life chapter. While I sometimes still feel like I’m dreaming, the learning curve hasn’t always been easy; however, what matters is tackling these challenges in an environment with supportive mentors, a collaborative network, and an attitude that turn failures into lessons (and eventually strengths) as you progress in your career. I feel unbelievably lucky with my real estate journey to date and look forward to all the new challenges and rewards to come!

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