The Daniel W. Chancey Leadership Academy

The Daniel W. Chancey Leadership Academy, hosted by the BOMA Fellows, is a mentoring program that provides guidance and support to BOMA members who are interested in leadership positions with BOMA International, whether as committee members, chairs or vice chairs; or even as potential Executive Committee members or Officers.

The Leadership Academy kicks off each year at BOMA’s Winter Business Meeting in January or February. Mentors and Mentees must commit to attending BOMA’s Winter Business Meeting and Annual Conference in June, where Academy events and Mentor/Mentee networking are scheduled, and follow through with several connections between Mentors and Mentees during the year. There is no cost to participate, other than registration and travel, hotel, and other costs to attend the Winter Business Meeting and Annual Conference. Applications for the 2022 Daniel Chancey Leadership Academy will open in fall 2021.

For more information and/or to request an application, visit BOMA >

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