Women in Facility Management: A Global Salary & Compensation Supplementary Report

The majority of women currently participate in the labor force, but relatively few work in the facility management industry, making up just 20% of the workforce. There has been little change to this gender mix over the past decade.

This report provides the most comprehensive and detailed analysis to date on the state of women in FM throughout the world (BLS, 2021; IFMA, 2021). Salary outlooks and conditions by gender are evaluated to support organizations in recruiting and retaining women facility managers, while also providing other key information from which to develop or enhance diversity, equity and inclusion efforts within FM.


Women facility managers receive similar pay as men for entry-level and early mid-level jobs and significantly higher pay than men for more senior-level FM jobs. Figures 12 and 13 show median base pay for men and women in facility management, categorized by job level and years of experience to mirror typical organizational job banding structures.

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