It’s a career that has broad impact.

It’s a career that has broad impact.

Real estate is one important foundation of a healthy economy and appraisers play an essential role in keeping real estate transactions fair and accurate through independent and unbiased appraisals of property for sales and investment purposes.

Appraisal is future forward. A growing area of expertise for appraisers is the valuation of "green" properties and knowledge regarding the use of sustainable building materials to help preserve the environment.

Green valuation entails observing and rating the energy efficiency, resource use efficiency, site efficiency, and the quality of an interior environment.

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Appraisal is a profession that keeps pace with evolving technology.
The appraisal profession has embraced technology because the job requires it. -Appraisers are constantly integrating new technology into their practices. -It might be drone and digital cameras for pictorial surveying, or -Laser measuring devices and geographic information systems. -Today, "Big Data" is fast becoming an integral aspect of valuation as well.
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